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-Expert and Engineering Office -

Our expert office will aide you with all of your questions about historical buildings and preserving precious monuments throughout the repair project.

As an publicly appointet an sworn-in expert we do evaluate damages to old buildings. We advise our clients on redevelopment and restoration work, execution of restoration projects and in the examination of building materials.

We advise estate owners, architectual offices, and contracting companies about the planning and execution of work on valuable, historical construction. We are specialiced in the planning of historical facades consisting of historical plaster, masonry, concrete and natural stone.

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Dipl.-Ing. Klaus-Gunnar Bauch

Publicly appointed and sworn-in expert on plaster including thermal insulation systems (IHK Dresden)

Restorator in Masonry Craftsmanship (HWK Leipzig)


-Baudenkmalpflege Bauch-
Büro Dresden: Löwenstraße 9, 01099 Dresden, Germany
Tel. +49 351 81 03 680
Fax +49 3212 54 22 824

Büro Berlin:​ Dunckerstraße 84, 10437 Berlin, Germany
Tel. +49 30 95 61 38 78

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