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Building Materials

Our independent offices estimate damage on the following building materials.


Assessment of Damage on Wall Finishes:  peeling, removal, crack formation, embrittlement, blistering, breaking off, mould formation, discoloration.

Assessment of masonry work:  quality workmanship, cover degree, color variation, surface texture, homogeneity.


Assessment of damage on masonry:  cracks, inappropriate layering, grouting imaging, discoloration, veiled formations, color variation, material properties.

Assessment of masonry work:  cleaning, fixing work, new masonry, splicing work, stone replacement material, proportions, estimated costs.

Natural Stone

Assessment of damage on natural stone surfaces:  contamination, crust formation, efflorescence, discoloration, fissures, sanding, peeling, crumbling decay, fouling, disaggregation of texture, defective grouting.

Assessment of natural stone work:  stone replacement material, copies, fortification, cleaning, demineralization, backing, doubling, clogging, fixing work.


Analysis of plaster damage and its causes:  fissures, hollow shafts, efflorescence, spalling, sanding, discoloration, deterioration, contamination, separting layers. Subsurface testing, regulation of the restoration process for redeveloping damaged facades.

Assessment of the plaster work:  quality of execution, choice of suitable plasters, proportions, deduction test, estimated costs.


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