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Examination Results from Nöthnitzer Street

We were commissioned to examine the framework of a multifamily, redeveloped house on Nöthnitzer Street. We found and documented the results. We could expose the first setting, which had interesting art nouveau details.

The color tone of the setting was taken off. The first setting shows a gray pedestal with light gray band. Over that, a terracotta color cuts through and dark green tendril-like orniments were painted on a light green background. This interesting setting is presumably from the 1930s with its essential, powerful color tones. On the basis of the settings, we wrote details about how the renovation painters should approach the work.

Examination Results from Gröbelstrasse

In 1906 the architect Wilhelm Heinrich Kreis started a lamp factory and there, an exhibit of the bridge artist took place. The building's strong, over constructed façade and frame should be examined.

Plaster Preservation on the Hellerau Festival House

There are layers of restored plaster to preserve on the wall surfaces of the inner rooms of the Hellerau Festival House. Presently, the objective is to integrate the existing plaster with the newly plastered wall surface. The objective consists of the preservation of the existing plaster and integrating it into the whole appearance of the wall surface.


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