Baudenkmalpflege Bauch

Restaurierung und Spezialarbeiten

Konzeption – Betreuung – Dokumentation


Klaus-Gunnar Bauch Engineering Degree
Restorator in masonry craftsmanship
Freelance expert in redevelopment and restoration

Our expertise is specialized in the following work areas:

  • redeveloping damaged, historical buildings and monuments
  • facade restoration
  • mortar and plaster
  • wall coating
  • quarry stone and cast stone surfacing
  • masonry construction
  • lime techniques
  • cleansing treatments
  • use of historical construction materials and historical construction techniques

After the norms of the institute for expertise, we stand for the following:  expert judgement, proof of protection, pricate opinions, arbitor opinions, legal judgement, and accurate damage estimations. Our impartiality is our highest principle.

We lead examinations, building material determinations, and damage-mapping in the work area, and we direct work by proposing and placing appropriate construction companies.

For examinations we use our own building materials laboratory- Baustofflabor -modern measuring instruments, databanking, and recent published literature.


-Baudenkmalpflege Bauch-
Büro Dresden: Löwenstraße 9, 01099 Dresden, Germany
Tel. +49 351 81 03 680
Fax +49 3212 54 22 824

Büro Berlin:​ Dunckerstraße 84, 10437 Berlin, Germany
Tel. +49 30 95 61 38 78

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